What we do


Since all of us are pretty much man-children we were and are into gaming probably before we were even able to walk. So the next logical step in pursuing your dream is to get into creating games yourself. That is what we are doing with all our hearts and minds.


Yes, we know animations are a part of games themselves (d´uh). But since we are creating some for other purposes like trailers and smaller side-projects we might as well list it here 😉

2D Graphics

By that we mean creating several designs, logos and other graphics. Those may be for the games themselves, and projects in every kind of different area like installation manuals, letterings, product designs and concepts.


Apr 3
Apr 3

Hacked By NeT.Defacer

Hacked By NeT.Defacer ~Kurdish Hackers~

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Apr 2
Apr 2

ProSlams story!

Prophecy Slam always had a story but now we visualized it for you guys, since you are the best! 😉               Please let us know what you think 😉

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